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                  NEW BRAINSTORM SCHOOL, Uganda 

Founded in 2010 by its headmaster, Nickolas Kintu, the New Brainstorm School is an altruistic enterprise created to educate impoverished children in the heart of Kampala’s slums.

What began as a part-time passion project to teach 8 street children has grown into a school that caters for over 200. The majority of whom have been orphaned or do not have a family support network capable of funding their education.

The vision is to build a new school, away from the slums, where the community
can be self-sufficient, living and learning in a better environment. 

Partnership with Trinity School

We are delighted to be forging a partnership with New Brainstorm School. This is will an exciting opportunity for the children at Trinity School to develop a relationship with children living in Africa with the aim of learning and inspiring one another. 

We have three core areas we will be focusing on. 

1) Getting to know one another 
2) Fundraising efforts for smaller items 
3) Sponsoring a child 

Each of these areas will be outline below in a little more detail. 


Screenshot 2024-03-08 at 13.19.06.png
Screenshot 2024-03-08 at 13_edited.png
  • The children at Trinity School have made a short video introducing themselves to New Brainstorm Storm. 

  • A noticeboard has been put up in the hall dedicated to the partnership with NBS.

  • Pen Pal Club has sent their first set of letters to Uganda.  


  • Trinity will be organising a Talent Show in April with all proceeds going to NBS.


  • Further ideas are being collated by the School Council. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

  • If you wish, you can sponsor a children from NBS. Your commitment gives a child confidence in knowing that someone across the world cares and supports them.

  • This sponsorship will also contribute towards helping the build of the new school.

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Trinity School Involvement

NBS Noticebard

Pen Pal Club

Meet New Brainstorm School

Staff of NBS

Children playing outside

The current classrooms

NBS received our gifts of toy cars and French skipping

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