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Trinity is facing an increasingly difficult funding challenge due to Government cuts. We can all help by signing the school’s petition and contributing what we can to a new Trinity Primary School Education Fund.



Due to ongoing cuts, we believe a school fund is now is required to continue providing an outstanding education for your children. This money will be used directly on essentials such as equipment and support staff. 



You can help by:


Starting a regular contribution via Paypal Giving – it is anonymous and 100% of your donation will go towards your child’s education and benefits from Gift Aid. Donations from relatives and businesses are also welcome. 


Signing a petition that the school will send to the Secretary of State for Education, to voice concerns about the impact that the current under-investment will have on the education and well-being of our children. To add your name, please either: 

-Send your full name and postcode to

-Sign up in person at the school reception.  


Thank you so much for helping to keep our school the wonderful place it is!

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