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Meeting & AGM November 2021

Updated: Nov 25, 2021


Miss Newman, Miss Chaplin, Nicola Nott, Lizzie Hughes, Julian McLean, Jemma Meehan, Steph Tatman, Jules Campbell, Gemma Grange, Max Hoyle, Mary Harvey, Joey McGinn, Richard Polhil, Alex Clarke, Christine Mortimer, Rachel Clark

Gemma Rowe, Emma Wallace-Madeley, Stevie Wallace-Madeley, Emma Calderbank.

Thank you

- to everyone involved in the school disco, we raised £2,389


Requested by the school and Approved by FOTS

J Stow / Office team to fill in spreadsheet when money is spent

- Suggestion that school provide feedback on how money is spent including impact report + photo

Sensory Garden

- Lead: R Parks and J Stow

- Ingrid Leene Garden Design is happy to offer some advice

Suggested outings/external providers:

- Bayer lab, Reading

- Olympian visit

- Young Enterprise; Creative Duck to be involved with this and students to sell items at Summer Fair

FOTS Christmas calendar

- is so helpful, thank you

Christmas fair

- event lead; Gemma Grange

- 10th Dec

- back in the school hall

- each class has one stall

- raffle; use money from raffle ticket sales to fill hampers with items from local businesses


- Jill has provided foreword and school brownie recipe

- Iona has nearly completed, Max to finalise

- £1,095 received in sponsorship from local businesses


- event lead; Richard Polhil and Victoria

- April/May 2022

- in the town hall (but requires clean up on the night) or rugby club

- if in town hall consider paying someone to clean up or pay to hire the following morning too?

- made £8k last time (doubled by Microsoft)

Quiz night

- Jan/Feb 2022

- Sarah Gilbert to LeadAlex C has agreed to be Quiz Master on the night

- Fish and Chip dinner as on previous occasions

Sponsored Walk

- event lead; Gemma Rowe and Rachel Clark (Miss Hart - School Council)

- consider involving pupils on the school council to organise this

- route options discussed; consider multiple loops i.e. varying distances for different abilities

- request that we ensure route is accessible for all

Cycle to Bruges

- check plans with Tom Potter - possibly May 2022

Other fundraising ideas;

- Race night (run by external provider, involves betting so consider holding off school site)

- Amazon Smile; encourage people to sign up

- Cake sales; to start back up again in Jan 2022 (set up a rota to allocate one class per week, starting with Reception)

Treasurer report (Sept 2020 - Aug 2021)

- poor fundraising year (£7,000 compared to £22,000 the year before)

- £19,000 in the bank

- discuss annual independent audit (not a legal requirement but considered valuable, Shona has done this in the past)

Committee positions

- Chair; Nicola nominated and voted back in

- Treasurer; Mary Harvey to replace Julian – agreement that Mary Harvey should be

added to the bank mandate in order to fulfil her role as treasurer

- Secretary (joint); Jemma, Steph and Jules to continue

- Cake sale coordinator; Iona stepping down

- 2nd hand uniform sales; Jean Oliver to continue

- Sustainability; Joey/Mark McGinn to replace Angela (liaise with Greener Henley and Lucy Howlett)

Committee communication

- Whats App to replace Slack

- Save docs to G drive

- Add class reps to FOTS Whats App group


- suggestion that event leads provide a summary document after an event to help organisation in future

- summarising amount raised, what was learnt, successes/failures, how event could be improved in future etc.


- suggestion that there is a database of parent job titles

- may provide useful resources/interesting career talks

Welcome Reception

- consider welcome BBQ for new Reception class next Sept

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