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Minutes of FOTS Meeting: 2nd February 2022


Nicola Nott

Mary Harvey

Sarah Gilbert

Steph Tatman

Victoria Harding

Julia Stow

Richard Polhill

Katie Pollard

Jemma Meehan

Julian McLean

Gemma Rowe

Peter O’Hanlon


Stevie Wallace Madeley


Apologies: Alex Clarke

  1. Fund raising

Uniform sale

  • Jean would like to hold a sale once every half term (approx. q6w)

  • Needs help sorting through donations

Cake sales

  • Started again

  • Takings to be collected afterwards by Mary

  • Keep tongs, bags, £5 float in school office

Quiz Night - 17th March (Sarah Gilbert)

  • Need to speak to Mrs Melero about using school hall; preferred venue due to cost and sufficient seating (80 tickets sold last time)

  • Jules to discuss with Mrs Melero on Thurs

  • Sarah to organise back up venue i.e. church hall

  • Microsoft can match takings – good fundraiser

Sponsored walk – 7th May afternoon (Gemma Rowe)

  • Flower pot walk 5k or 10k

  • Copas to allow access to their land for parking and access to pathways

  • Gates need to be manned

  • Will need to hire Portaloo

  • Starbucks to provide coffee / hot choc

  • School council (with Miss Kirton/Lambelin) to help organise some activities en route i.e. word scramble, nature trail with match boxes for collecting items, stamps to collect at each checkpoint, tuck shop…

  • Other ideas; picnic tea hampers, ice cream van (Willow Basket?)

  • Money raised to go towards new toys & play equipment in the school (Miss Chaplin)

  • Need to speak to Alex about how we can ensure everyone can be involved in some way

School Ball – 21st May (Victoria Harding & Richard Polhill)

  • Venue: Rugby club

  • Meeting next week

  • Need prizes to be donated

Camp out- 16/17th July

  • Nettlebed school have agreed

  1. Accounts

Money raised:

Raffle: £800

Glow in Dark Disco: £2400

Cookbook: £670

Christmas fair: loss

Bank account £19,000

Commitments £14,000

  1. Planned trips

  • Panto – FOTS pledged £1,000, parents subsidised trip, FOTS only charged £277 in the end due to lack attendance (Covid)

  • Discuss who pays for trips in future

  • FOTS happy to subsidise trips or pay for trips in full to reduce cost to parents

  • School to improve communication to parents regarding who is paying for trips

  • Julia to ask teachers to tell the parents when a trip is subsidised/paid for by FOTS so that parents are aware of how FOTS money is being spent

  1. Other

Garden (Rebecca)

  • Julia would like to complete new raised beds before end of financial year

  • Meeting with Paul Haynes next week; more precise drawings needed for quantity survey & ordering of materials

  • Richard Thompson (does school grounds) to build raised beds

Play equipment

  • i.e. soft balls, table tennis bats, Uno…

  • Someone needs to take care of equipment so that it gets stored properly

  • Plan to buy outdoor storage containers for each playground

  • Playground attendants to encourage kids to tidy away

  • Each class to be given responsibility to choose and look after the equipment

Playground lines

  • Jules to chase up when they are going to be painted

Goal posts need to be ordered

Parent Job Audit

  • Fran / Mr Robins sent out email; limited response

  • Not just for parents to come in and speak to kids

  • Also for parents to help with fundraising, offer their skills in school

  • Richard happy to help design another survey with this in mind

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