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FOTS Meeting | Tuesday 10th March 2020,


Nicola Nott

Beatriz Melero

Olivia Kaye

Jemma Meehan

Angela Lee

Rebecca Wedd

Julie McLean

Graeme Gilbert

Tola Smith

Nina Davison

Joanna McGinn


Jules Campbell


1. Minutes from previous meeting approved

2. Treasurer's Report:

Profit £1100 for quiz night

Profit on ball £16,000

Try to find group of people within school that can match-fund profits for school events

Look into ‘gift-aiding’

Projects - £200 per class pledge being drawn down

Jill - £100 cash for gardening project (receipts required)

Miss Wang- spent art money, invoices to arrive

Ensure school communicates if pledged money is enough

School to look into if any sports kits (eg netball bibs, revisit sports equipment for play time)

3. Bea Melero:

School ideas for FOTS contributions:

a) Need an area where the whole school can come together and sit comfortably/perform etc.

Would like a big hall for sports, with a stage and conference room with option to hire it out for income generation.

Rebecca discussed previous plans that were drawn up for a stand alone area similar to above through the school governors. Possibility for sports grants. Need to revisit.

Next steps - Rebecca to discuss with governors.

FOTS to possibly pay for ‘grant finders’. Await costs for approval

General points raised regarding the sports hall:

Is this something that FOTS can/should support?

Do we set aside money each year and set it as a long-term project?

b) It would be nice to look at developing the terrapin with the classroom/staff room into something more inspiring.

FOTS revisited discussion about possibly using the terrapin for an ‘IT’ area. It was questioned whether ‘static’ area - more ‘mobile’ IT could work better

Action - We need to collectively ook at 3 big project costs (playground, sports hall, terrapin) before making a decision on what to fund.

4. Committee


Creating a sustainability working group. Need to ensure FOTS, school & governors are all on the same page meeting. Meeting arranged for 11/03 with Rhian (school governor) to discuss what FOTs would like to do re sustainability.

Jean has taken on the second-hand school uniform sale

Looking at recycling bins/properly labelled waste bins and reusable cups for events.

Quotes to be added to slack. Fots approved cost (circa £85)

Terra cycle - can now be all bread bags and crisp packets

Party box idea- put one together of reusable crockery etc that can be hired out

Cake sale - Iona and Emma going to create a recipe book


More people engaged on Facebook.

Nicola & Lizzie working on rebranding. New logo, banner, t-shirts. Try to create more of a community feel.

Lizzie trying to get involved with the Cycle to Bruge Team to discuss what’s needed from FOTS for a PR event. (Speak to Tom)

Next last Friday month focus will be to drum up PR for Working Bee and Cycle to Bruge

5. Forest School

Bringing back to schools attention that the second phase of grant stipulated that the Forest School needed to be extended to whole school.

Bea - keen to use this area and will communicate to the school that all school can use the area for outdoor learning and teachers should look at how to build it into their lesson planning,

Some of the money from the £500 per year FOTS pledge to the Forest School hasn’t been spent. Can this be used to clear the pond area? (see Working Bee section). FOTS to discuss with Mrs Chilvers.

6. Scooter Area

Waiting for final quote and will report back options at next meeting

7. Working Bee

Areas for consideration:

Replant quiet tea

Hallway/ stairwell

One of front classrooms

Created a ‘working group’ to plan. Booked in for Monday 16th March at Nicola’s. Refer back to the committee with the budget needed.

Queried if we should keep the pond area for after the event. Need to focus on the quiet area. May look into getting a gardener to do the main bit of clearing inc derelict fence. Discuss with preschool. Joint usage/ joint funding

7. Future Events

Cycle to Bruge- covered in Comms catch-up

Sports day - Carolyn Ahara to run

Sponsored Walk - Bea to get school council project person to liaise with Nicola. Nicola & Joey to lead

Camp out - Lisa & Sam Tompkins to lead

Halloween disco - booked for 23rd October. Discuss at last FOTS meeting before end of summer term

8. Cinema Night

Rebecca would like to look at having a ticketed film night in the school to raise money for Cycle to Bruge (BYO - food/drinks/ cushions). 3 phase showings. Book for Friday 1st May. Rebecca to refer back with logistics and help required.

9. Internet Safety for Parents

Sarah Gilbert has been looking into different speakers to do ticketed event. Invite extended to other schools

10. AOB

Confirmed the ukuleles purchased by FOTS have been used!

Rebranding of school houses:

Angela has created artwork for house badges to have images that identify with the respective famous people

Looking at re-doing banners

Providing ‘flags’ for each house for sports day etc

Look at other merchandise, eg; school caps, sports kit to purchase

Nicola to look into costs

Bea to discuss with the school and see if they have any ideas of what would be nice to be branded

Angela to share the cost for the house reward boxes. (Something similar to you would see in a supermarket whereby the houses can see how well their house is doing). As sustainable an option as possible.

11. Date for next meeting - Monday 4th May, 7:30pm at the school.

Bea working on getting a school representative!

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