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Zoom Meeting Video Minutes

Thanks for everyone who came to the Zoom FOTS meeting last week. We had 27 people attend - a record! We were especially delighted to catch up Mrs Melero and the phase leaders to see what has ben happening at the school and home learning.

If you missed the meeting but are interested in what we talked about you can see/hear it via the link below.

Want to fast forward>> to the best bits - see below for timings...

  • 2 mins in Treasurers Report

  • 10mins in How we can help the school during this period including how we can partner with Microsoft

  • 25 mins in Mrs Melero & the phase leaders talk about what is happening at the school and how the different years are being supported through Google Classroom

  • 51 min in Henley Literary Festival - we have pledged £1500 to ensure every child can go and will receive a book.

  • 55 mins in Future Events

  • 1hr 22 mins Sustainability

  • 1hr 30 mins FOTS have pledged 10K to improve the scooter area and path, plus 2k for 1 extra scooter pod and 1 bike pod. The school will also be contributing to this cost.


Chaired by Nicola Nott Julian Mclean, Jemma Meaham, Tom Eaton, Beatriz Melero, Graham Gilbert, Lizzi Darcy, Joey Mcginn, Christina, Angela Lee, Clarice Chung, Emma Keeling, Emma Newton, Jean, Joseph, Julia Stow, Michela, Orlando Taylor, Peter Moody, Pippa. Sam Tomkins, Bekki Wedd, Stephanie Dennett, Alex Clarke, Steph Tatman, Katie, Caroline Newman 1. Treasurers report; Current cash balance; £39,540. Planned/committed; £10,000. 2. Orlando Taylor & Pippa from Microsoft (& Match fund); future online learning proposal. Initial discussions for IT strategy and how can FOTS support that. Creating a V-team with Orlando & Pippa. Could Microsoft assist FOTs with software/hardware. 3. School Chrome books – have not been lent out to students; no lending scheme has been set up as yet. 4. Beatriz Melero; a lot going on, one step at a time. Phase Leaders will give an overview of current learning environment; staff Google Classroom. Tom Eaton, Years 3 & 4 are being provided with work on Google Classroom, short videos. Between 9am-3pm kids can chat to each other on Google stream, monitored by the teachers and how they communicate less formally. Teachers are reaching out to families that are less engaged to ensure they are ok. Adapting to feedback. Kids work is tracked so they can monitor who’s engaging and handing in. Caroline Year 5 & 6 – similar to Tom’s; weekly overviews sent out on Friday, moved to releasing lessons the night before to prepare parents. Creative Curriculum and French lessons being set by Gillotts. Using Class Dojo as communication. Doing more videos where appropriate. Story time twice a week. Trialling group chats for the kids – proven popular. Need to focus on the social angle to explore further. Graham requested each Phase Leader share their notes with FOTS so we can pass onto the parents. Flagged safeguarding- children’s dress, where the lesson is taking place, the safety of the platforms for each end. Parents request a generic video message to the class each week. Live teaching has been assessed and will not proceed, BM is happy and confident with how current teaching is going. Caroline Newman requested FOTs to look into us providing Visualisers – Julia Stow to check if Trinity already has some. 5. Henley Literary Festival – Caroline Newman has provisionally booked for every child in the school to attend one event throughout the week. Can FOTs assist in the ticket cost for each child to have a book £5 entry & £3.50 for the book; total cost would be £XXX. 6. Future Events  Cycle to Bruges- postponed to 12 Sept 2020 provisionally  Internet Safety for Parents talk – waiting to hear if this will be moved to online  Glow in the Dark Disco – deposit paid, 23 Oct – currently held/TBC  Welcome BBQ for reception – currently held/TBC  Cinema night – postponed to around the Literary Festival to tie in; two showings for KS1 & KS2 on the same night  Camp out – cancelled for 2020; rebooked for 17 th July 2021 with Nettlebed School  Sports day – cancelled for 2020; or pushed to a Welcome Back in Sept term  Working Bee – postponed; date TBC  Cook book – still going ahead  Second hand uniform – postponed  Sponsored walk to Marlow - postponed 7. Sustainability Committee – Tola & Angela created the plan, looking for approval from Beatriz Melero; waste management to improve on paper and food recycling bins that have been delivered; looking at the electrical systems; launching eco-warriors; spoke to Honeys of Henley who are happy to do a talk on bees and the eco system to the kids (between October and February) 8. Scooter area – NN to feed back quotes; Quote 1 – £22k Quote 2- £43k (for whole area); shelved for now; too much money on to small an area till we have more scope on the future. Instead can FOTs repaint

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